5 Ways to Show Off Your Awesome Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Regardless of the type of business you run, it is important to build up trust with your prospects – and reviews can help you do just that. You probably already know how important reviews are in terms of marketing your products and services. Reviews and testimonials can bring a lot of credibility to your business, which ultimately results in higher conversions and more revenue.

In other words, they bring an incredible level of profitability that you cannot afford to ignore! Maybe you already have some glowing reviews and are wondering how to get more people to see them.

Here are 5 places you can show them off for maximum exposure …

1. Your website

Displaying customer reviews on your website will really help draw in prospects that are already interested in your business. So putting your customer reviews and testimonials where they can clearly see them will work well. Ideally, you should have a testimonials page, but don’t forget to post a few on your home and other pages.

2. Social Media

Displaying your reviews on social media is going to give them the ultimate exposure. With millions of visitors every day, these sites give you the opportunity to show off your ratings to a massive number of people.

3. Place them inside of your e-books or reports

If you’re giving away free e-books or reports to get names and emails for your email list, putting your reviews and testimonials inside of them will boost your results. You’re already giving them helpful information that they find valuable by providing the content. Including your reviews will further aid them in choosing your business as the one to buy from.

4. Add them to your printed marketing materials

Your reviews and testimonials can also be added to any of your print advertising to make it perform better. Most of the time, you may be limited on space, but it only takes one or two reviews to show prospects that you are reputable.

5. At your place of business

Showing off your reviews and testimonials inside of your place of business is powerful. It’s a great way to show existing customers that they’ve made the right choice and can go a long way in increasing customer retention and referrals.

Reviews and testimonials themselves are important. But it’s where you display them that brings the real value. Displaying them in the five places listed above will definitely shine a positive light on your business, increase conversions, and help you generate more sales.

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