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Thanks for stopping by! If you want to find more customers for your business using the internet then you are in the right place.

We get your phone ringing with new prospects and new customers coming in your door by strategically placing your video ads in appropriate places online.

Just like with print advertising, where you place your ads is critical to receiving the ROI you are striving for.

  • First we learn your marketing goals and your current marketing strategy.
  • We then write the video script(s) to most effectively present your marketing message to your prospects.
  • Next we produce your video with a clear call-to-action at the end.
  • Then we upload the video to YouTube using the appropriate techniques and settings to insure you video gets viewed by your prospects.
  • Finally, we promote your new video. We strategically place your video, or a link to your video, in the places where your customers and prospects are most likely to see it.

You do not have to “act” in your video ad! We can do it all with photographs and/or short video clips.

Or, if you DO want to be in your video ad, we can have our professional crew come out and shoot your video. This substantially increases the cost of your video but it is easy to setup and we are always efficient with your time.



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Author Description


Lori loves creating digital marketing strategies for small businesses using the power of video. Lori's team consists of professional copywriters for script writing, video creators and producers, and video marketers. We would love to increase your profits by creating and promoting video ads for your business!