Our Services Overview

Script Writing

STEP #1 is planning your video to fit in your overall marketing strategy. We discuss who your prospects are and the message you want to tell them. We then write the script with a compelling call to action at the end.
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Video Creation

STEP #2 is producing your video. We take your script and combine graphics and video clips to create a compelling video that speaks your message to your target prospects encouraging them to take the action you desire.
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Video Promotion

STEP #3 is promoting your video ad. You can put it on your website and social media. We will strategically place your video in places your prospects go online. They watch your ad and contact your business! You make more sales!
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Types of Video Ads

Branding Videos

Videos that describe your product or service are called Branding Videos. Your prospects often make their first impression of your business when they watch your video. These videos are used to build trust and authority by providing useful information to the viewer. Your call to action can request the viewer to call you, visit your business, place an order or anything else you'd like them to do.

Review & Testimonial Videos

Review and Testimonial Videos work like "word-of-mouth" referrals to bring new customers to your business. Building a 5- Start reputation is critical to growing your profits. Any customer review can be showcased in a video and used to promote your business on the internet. Reviews and testimonials are the most powerful content for your video ads as they are unbiased opinions about your business!

“Talking Head” Videos

"Talking Head" Videos are recordings of you or a spokesperson talking about your business, products or services. These videos are great for branding and building authority as they create trust with their personal touch. These videos can have beautiful backgrounds to attract and engage views or they can be you speaking while recording your computer screen.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow Videos make it easy to share presentations. These videos are created using photographs and video clips with a compelling voice-over to attract and engage your viewers. There videos are effective in promoting products and services by "pre-selling" the viewer before they call or visit your business! Quick and affordable to produce, you want these videos working for you.

Animation Videos

Animation Videos are a great way to present your branding or review videos. These video ads are easy to create and they let you tell your story out loud. These engaging videos keeps grab and hold the viewers attention and make information-gathering more fun. From cartoon animations to kinetic text to whiteboard animations, these videos will attract attention and make your prospects take action!

Live Video & Interviews

Live Video & Interviews are popular video styles. Live video is a great way to share your business with prospects and customers online. Everyone wants to be a part of something and live video draws people in. Interviews are also very effective in building trust and rapport with your prospects. Live webinars are one of the best methods of promoting online. Video clips of webinars make great video ads!

How Does Video Help Your Business?

Video has tons of benefits to your business. It can boost your sales and profits faster than other ways of marketing online. It is a very effective and affordable way to share your marketing message. And, unlike expensive print ads, videos last for years and work for you 24/7!

  • Widen Your Reach = NEW Customers
  • Share Your Message More Effectively
  • Build Your Brand and Reputation
  • Develop Trust and Authority
  • Make More Sales = Higher Profits!
  • Videos Work For You 24/7, For Years!
  • Prospects Engage & Remember More
  • Your Prospects & Customers Watch Video!
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